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National Malleefowl Forum 2011

National Malleefowl Forum, August 2011

The 4th National Malleefowl Forum was organised by Sharon Gillam and held in Renmark, SA from July 29 to August 1, 2011. Keynote presentations were provided by Dr Joe Benshemesh (National Database), Dr Blair Parsons & Dr Simon Watson (Fire), Taneal Cope (Malleefowl Genetics), and Dr Joe Benshemesh & Dr Michael Bode (Adaptive Management). The full titles of their addresses, and all the other oral and poster presentations, and the contents can be found below.

The proceedings are available as a complete document (198 pages) or in 36 separate documents.

Proceedings of the National Malleefowl Forum, July 2011 (complete) (31.6Mb)

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations