National Malleefowl Recovery Group

National Malleefowl Forum 2014

5th Malleefowl  Forum Full Proceedings Sept 2014 16mb

National Malleefowl Forum 2014 – Program

Presentations – Oral

1. S Gillam Welcome
2. J Benshemesh Introduction to the National Forum
3. T Burnard How we have progressed as measured against the National Recovery Plan for Malleefowl and Resolutions from Remark
4. T Burnard Update from the National Malleefowl Recovery Program Coordinator
5. S Cail Report from the North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group (NCMPG) Western Australia
6. J DeJose Establishing new directions for the Malleefowl Preservation Group, Western Australia
7. M Bannerman Malleefowl conservation activities in NSW 2012-2014
8. S Gillam Malleefowl conservation in SA – Activities from 2012-2014
9. P Stokie Malleefowl conservation action in Victoria 2011-2014
10. M Irvin Saving Our Species – Malleefowl Iconic Species Project
11. B Parsons WA Malleefowl Network: a progress update
12. C Hedger Reproductive outputs of two comparable regions of the South Australia Murray–Darling Basin – Results and learnings for recovery
13. G Allen An investigation of potential landscape links to enhance Malleefowl conservation in northwest Victoria
14. S Mitchell How mining offsets can make a contribution towards meeting National Recovery Plan objectives
15. P Andrew A discussion on a proposed release of Malleefowl at Taronga Western Plains Zoo
16. T Cope Conservation genetics of Malleefowl
17. W Boles A brief history of Megapodes (Megapodiidae)
18. J Benshemesh Update on the National Malleefowl Monitoring Database: recent developments and new gear
19. A Pennington Malleefowl (Nganamara) as a flagship species for Indigenous Land Management in the Great Victoria Desert of WA, with notes on new sites & implications for Nganamara distribution
20. J Benshemesh Progress towards a method of monitoring Malleefowl in the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands, South Australia
21. V Saffer The use of LiDAR to determine the presence of Malleefowl mounds
22. J Benshemesh Motion-sensitive cameras for monitoring a range of animals in Malleefowl monitoring sites
23. J Spark Using high definition aerial photography to search for Malleefowl mounds – A case study for Mount Gibson’s Extension Hill
24. J Read Comparison of three survey techniques for locating Malleefowl mounds
25. J Connell The Mallee Hawkeye Project: assessing most suitable habitat for threatened mallee birds using predictive fire history mapping
26. J DeJose Do we need better questions?
27. C Hauser Applying Adaptive Management Principles to Malleefowl conservation
28. C Hauser Analysing the effects of ongoing and historical fox control on Malleefowl population viability
29. R van Hespen Camera trapping analysis of mallee wildlife
30. M Bode Predicting Malleefowl dynamics using decision theory and qualitative ecosystem modelling
31. A Towerton A brief history of Malleefowl conservation and monitoring efforts In the Goonoo forest, New South Wales
32. M Lewis Malleefowl activity at nesting sites increase fox and other feral animal visitation rates
33. M Lewis Feral goat removal to restore habitat quality within Malleefowl nesting areas in the rangelands of NSW

Presentations – Poster

1. C Hedger Mallee fires in the SA Murray-Darling Basin – losses, learnings and linings
2. G McNeill Is road kill the greatest threat to adult Malleefowl survival in bush remnants in agricultural areas?
3. J Thomas Emergency Summit for Threatened Mallee Birds
4. J DeJose Thinking outside the jerry can
5. V Wilson & M Norman Malleefowl at Monarto Zoo
6. A Smith Malleefowl mound building: Effects on fire behaviour and habitat