National Malleefowl Recovery Group

National Malleefowl Forum 2018


Mildura, Victoria

17– 20 August 2018


6th July 2018 Program including tour info CLICK HERE for a PDF copy

8th March 2018 Registrations OPEN CLICK HERE for the form

18 Dec 2017; Call for Abstracts. CLICK HERE for a copy


Presentations - Oral

T Burnard & Dr J Benshemesh A national perspective of Malleefowl recovery at this time

Dr S Box Implementation of Australia's Threatened Species Strategy

S Gillam Malleefowl: Answering the big questions that guide all Malleefowl management

P Burton A History of Malleefowl Monitoring

Dr R Wheeler The Threats to Malleefowl: An Appraisal of the Relative Significance of the 'Usual Suspects'

Dr K Moseby & Dr P Stenhouse Movement patterns of Malleefowl on the Eyre Peninsula 

Dr K Schneider Landscape Conservation Action Plans - Parks Victoria Planning for Conservation

Dr D Southwell Early Results from a Large-Scale Adaptive Management Experiment for Malleefowl

A Young Influence of Remotely-Sensed Vegetation Productivity Indices and Fine-Scale Landscape Characteristics on Malleefowl Breeding Activity

Dr L Berry The Role of Private Land Management in Malleefowl Conservation; Fenced Reserves, Land Management, Monitoring and Research

J Sackmann & P Jamieson Comparative Assessment of Malleefowl Mound Search Techniques