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Aug 8, 2014

Dalwallinu hosts Malleefowl training weekend

The North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group has concluded a highly successful Malleefowl monitoring training weekend in Dalwallinu. With nearly 40 people attending, President Gordon McNeil said he was very thrilled with the outcome.


Trainee Malleefowl monitors head into the bush.

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Gordon said that the training will ensure there are enough monitors to continue the task in the Dalwallinu region for years to come.

Glenda McNeil (secretary/treasurer for the group) said that the weekend was made possible with funding from the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association.

Glenda also thanked Dr Joe Benshemesh and Tim Burnard (National Malleefowl Coordinator) for travelling from Victoria to attend the weekend and assist Carl Danzi (local Malleefowl expert) with the training.

Gordon and Glenda McNeil open the training weekend in Dalwallinu