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Nov 1, 2014

Monitoring at Secret Rocks

Secret Rocks is the 26,000ha private nature reserve property of Katherine Moseby and John Read located in north east Eyre Peninsula.

At the end of a hard days walking the group is rewarded with a spectacular sunset at 'Beer Rock'

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Posted by: tim

Each year, Katherine and John gather a group of friends to help monitor about 130 mounds on their property. Unlike many monitoring sites in less arid areas, the mounds here are quite some distance apart, often a few kilometres. Compare this with just a few hundred metres with sites further south and you can quickly appreciate the need for a gang of helpers to cover the area.

Whilst the Secret Rocks mound density is approximately one third of the average in South Australia it is still relatively high for an arid region due to the large area of intact habitat. A credit to Katherine and Johns management.

Katherine and John like to top off the hard days work on Saturday night with a few beers (or rums) at Beer Rock and a meal of camp oven lamb and vegies. No wonder there’s always plenty of helpers.