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Apr 1, 2015

AM Project Progress

The Adaptive Management (AM) Project has been running since 2012. It has progressed through several stages, and the AM team are excited with the latest progress, which takes us from a planning stage to an operational stage.

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Posted by: tim

The project’s priority is to understand the role of fox and cat predation on Malleefowl persistence. To this end, the team is seeking at least 20 large (10,000Ha or greater) sites where they can observe the impacts of predator control on Malleefowl populations. This will require great cooperation between experimental management partners and the AM team. Land managers are free to continue their current control strategy (even when this means no control at all), but are requested to monitor predators and Malleefowl, supplying data to the AM team for collation, landscape-scale analysis, and feedback.

At meetings in Perth (14-15 April 2015) and Mildura (22-23 April) we thoroughly discussed elements of the experiment to ensure it would be within the capabilities of land managers, will produce scientifically rigorous findings, and will supply enough data to draw statistically significant conclusions.

At the conclusion of the meetings there was a strong sense that collectively, we have significantly moved this project forward.