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Oct 28, 2015

Monitor Training Continues

Last month was very busy. Not only the Kalgoorlie and Norseman training but also at Merriden Dalwallinu and Murray Bridge in SA.

Monitor training in Merredin WA

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Posted by: tim
At Merriden we were joined by 15 people for classroom training session on Thursday morning and mound training in the afternoon. Several of these people will be monitoring traditional WA sites.
In Dalwallinu we joined the NCMPG for monitoring/training Saturday and Sunday. NCMPG decided to forego the formal classroom training this year, as most people attending had taken part last year. Newbies were trained on the go. It worked very well as each group had more experienced monitors than newbies, and NCMPG got about half their monitoring completed.
On the way back from WA we stopped in at Murray Bridge. DEWNR hosted us for classroom training on Saturday afternoon to 36 people. On Sunday four groups undertook on site monitor training at Ferries Mac Park. Tim took another 15 people from a local bird group for introduction tour of mounds at same time. A number of new monitors volunteered for this years season.