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Mar 1, 2017

Two new Project Officers appointed

Liz Fenwick (Vic) and Liz Kington (WA) have been selected as Project Officers to help progress the Adaptive Management Predator Experiment.
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Posted by: tim

Over the past few years the Malleefowl Adaptive Management Experiment has gained pace. It is now set for a great leap with the appointment of Liz Fenwick (Vic) and Liz Kington (WA). Both Lizs’ have doctorates and bring a raft of new skills to the team. Liz Kington has many years’ experience in senior NRM management, while Liz Fenwick has experience in the corporate and NGO world.

Their main challenge is to aid all of the AM partners to establish experiment sites and commence sending data to the database for our Melbourne University partners to analyse. But there will be other challenges too. Notably, finding funding to finance the largest adaptive management experiment conducted in Australia.