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Oct 1, 2013

Funding for NCMPG

The North Central Mallee Fowl Preservation Group (NCMPG) has received a grant of $19,400 from the Gundawa Association to support its monitoring of Mallee Fowl activity in the area and the uploading of this information to the national database
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Mallee Fowl are considered a threatened species in Australia and the NCMPG has operated as a local voluntary organisation for over 20 years working with the community to locate, monitor and protect Mallee Fowl activity in the Dalwallinu and Perenjori Shires.

The grant application was developed following the visit of Tim Burnard (National Mallee Fowl Co-ordinator) in September. Tim’s visit was hosted by Sally Cail, Peter Waterhouse and Gordon McNeill and as well as local sites included Mt Gibson Conservation Reserve (owned by Australian Wildlife Conservancy) and Charles Darwin Reserve (owned by Bush Heritage).The continuity of the group’s work and the practical nature of its research meant that its application for funding was well received.  The money will be used in 2014 to conduct training for volunteers in best practice monitoring, purchase hand held mapping devices for monitoring and contribute to the costs of processing, analysing and interpreting Mallee Fowl activity at the local and national levels.


The Gundawa Association which awarded the grant as part of its initial round of funding is a new regional conservation association which is engaging with community organisations to stimulate practical biodiversity and conservation work.  It is funded through the lease agreements and interests of Extension Hill and Mt Gibson Mining.  Its committee intends to develop strategic research and landscape conservation within an area which includes parts of the Dalwallinu, Perenjori, Morawa, Mullewa, Yalgoo, Koorda & Mount Marshall Shires.  Other successful applicants for funding were Edith Cowan University, the Liebe Group and the Mid-West Young Leader’s Group.  The Gundawa Association intends to hold a research forum in Dalwallinu next year in an attempt to map, link and stimulate research and conservation initiatives in the region. 


If you are interested in becoming a member of the NCMPG and/or volunteering to be trained to undertake monitoring work (requires walking through dense bushland), please contact Gordon McNeill on 0427611645 or gimcneill@bigpond.com for more information.

NCMPG at Mt Gibson meeting