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2018 National Malleefowl Forum, Call for Abstracts (270kb) 

2016-17 Annual Update (750Kb)

2015-16 Annual Update (900kb)

2014-15 Annual Update (3.2Mb)

2014 National Malleefowl Forum Program (570kb)

2014 National Malleefowl Forum, Call for Abstracts (103kb)

Malleefowl database fact sheet (340KB)

Malleefowl Adaptive Management fact sheet (340KB)

Malleefowl Recovery Plan 2007 (3 MB)

Malleefowl Monitoring Manual (6.7MB)

NRM Management Advice 2008 (1.6MB)

Proceedings from past National Forums available at VMRG website

The Malleefowl Education Kit: This kit is intended for the use of teachers and students in upper primary and junior secondary years.  The Kit is only available on CD. Free copies can be obtained by contacting the VMRG Secretary via this link.


AM Technical Report 2015 (5 MB)

Camera Trap report Benshemesh 2013 (1.1MB)

Integrating research monitoring & management into an AM Framework Walsh etal 2012 (94KB)

Population viability analysis Bode & Brennan 2012 (175KB)

Appendix to Bode & Brennan 2012 (81KB)

Effects of Climate on ...Malleefowl Boyle & Horne 2012 (540KB)

Unexpected outcomes of predator control Walsh 2012 (410KB)

Unexpected outcomes of predator control comment Garnett 2012 (95KB)

Contemporary fire regimes Parsons & Gosper 2011 (309KB)

Contemporary fire regimes Parsons & Gosper 2011; accessory (32KB)

Using community observations to predict occurence Parsons etal 2009 (564 KB)

Contraction in the WA range of Malleefowl Parsons etal 2008 (1.26MB)

Trend Analysis Report Benshemesh etal 2007 (320KB)

Integrity of habitat structure influence on fox predation Priddel 2007  (115KB)

Nesting activity Priddel & Wheeler 2003 (520KB)

Efficacy of fox control Priddel & Wheeler 1997 (110KB)

Mortality of Malleefowl Priddel & Wheeler 1994 (490KB)

Survival of Malleefowl without predators Priddel & Wheeler 1989 (480KB)

Ecological Physiology of Malleefowl Booth 1985 (9 Mg)

Conservation of the Mallee Fowl Frith 1961 (1.32MB)

Mallee-Fowl on Kangaroo Island Mellor 1911 (147KB)