National Malleefowl Recovery Group

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  • Malleefowl Preservation

    Icon of the Mallee

    Loved by people across Australia

  • Malleefowl is unique

    Nationally Threatened

    at threat from habitat loss, predators and fire.

  • Territorial call


    Builds huge mounds to incubate eggs

  • Objective is to ensure

    Found across Australia

    although may now be extinct in NT.

With a little help the Malleefowl will remain as one of Australia’s unique icons of the mallee.

Help Monitoring

This is the site of the National Malleefowl Recovery Team. We have been operating since 1989 and have representatives from ACT, NSW, SA, Vic & WA on our team. Go to our About Us page to find out more.

Our main purpose is to carry out actions from the National Recovery Plan to help save the Malleefowl in all regions of Australia. You can find the National Recovery Plan and many other useful documents on our Library page.

One of the main actions being undertaken is to monitor Malleefowl and check on how they are going. We also use monitoring to see what actions (like fire management and predator control) will have the best outcomes for Malleefowl. Go to our Monitoring Database page to find out more and to link to the National Malleefowl Monitoring Database.

There are several other groups doing great work across Australia working to save Malleefowl.  You can find links to them on our Important Websites page.